Building Resilience Times of Change

Have You Considered Writing to Help You Handle Your Challenges? 

In the BALM, we have a weekly workshop to provide individual growth in a community setting.

Join us for a three hour Journaling workshop to grow your writing practice and your ability to thrive even in difficult times.

One Day Journal Workshop - Open to current, previous and potential BALMers.

Journal Your Way to Resilience in these Challenging Times - A BALM Journaling Workshop

Taught by our resident Journaling Facilitator: Mark Scannell

When: Saturday, June 27 11-2 PM ET

Where: on zoom

cost: $29

The lessons will be available to those who sign up for 1 month following the live workshop. 

Enrollment: Check back here in the next few days for an enrollment link.

For Every Current BALM Family Member and BALM Professional:

Support Group:

What: Pandemic Support: Managing the Uncertainty of Family SUD in the Time  of Covid-19  - the change the pandemic has brought to everyone is exacerbated when the family is facing SUD, other Use Disorders, and/or Mental Health Disorder. This group is designed to provide support and group coaching as we walk through this challenging new world together.

When: Thursday evenings from 7-8 PM ET weekly 

For: All BALM Families, Coaches, Specialists, Faculty and Staff


Beverly Buncher, MA, PCC, CBFRLC, MRLC,  CTPC - Certified in Family Recovery Life Coaching, Recovery Life Coaching and True Purpose Coaching

Special Six Week Course:

What: Introduction to Heart Math 

The BALM is famous for bringing its members a wide variety of tools and techniques to increase their ability to get their own life back while becoming their loved one's BEST chance at recovery. Heart Math is an additional process we are bringing to our families to enhance your ability to practice Steps 1-3. This course is being provided as a gift to our community by one of our BALM Coaches, Anne Marie Clear, who has been practicing Heart Math for 25 years and came to the BALM two years ago to be able to address the special challenges SUD brings. She says that her practice of Heart Math accelerated her ability to internalize the BALM and the BALM improved and enhanced her relationships, helping her to be her loved one's BEST chance. As a result, she  is generously sharing the Heart Math tools with all of us! 

When: On Demand Only for BALM Members after the live Course Completes in mid-June

For: All BALM Families, Coaches, Specialists, Faculty and Staff 


Anne Marie Clear, MA in Counseling, Licensed Heart Math Trainer, Trained BALM Family Recovery Coach, Certified True Purpose Coach 

To learn more about Heart Math, listen to Bev's Daily BALM interview with Anne Marie on Principle 6: Your Primary Task Is To Be A Loving Person which took place on Wednesday, April 22, 2020 

For BALM Coaches Only:

New Informational Support Group:

What: BALM Coach Business Advancement Group - Where Successful BALM Coaches and Organizations and Professionals Share How They are Collaborating to Bring Services to Families and the Impact the BALM is having on Families and Organizations around the US and beyond.

When: the first Friday of the month in June, BALM Coach Lisa McDonald will join us with Luke DeBoy, Director of Addictions at Tranquility Woods Treatment Center

For: All BALM Coaches and Coach Trainees

Facilitator: Beverly Buncher

* If you are not yet enrolled  in the BALM Program and would like to learn more about how you can benefit from its powerful offerings, call us at 1-888-998-2256 and/or explore this website where you will find previews to watch and information on our powerful curricula and support.

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