The United States is in the center of an overdose epidemic. In 2017, out of the 61,311 preventable drug overdoses, more than 43,000 were involved in opioids. The International Overdose Awareness Day is held to remember and acknowledge all those gone too soon due to overdose deaths.

The International Overdose Awareness Day is an annual global event, usually held on August 31. This aims to raise awareness of overdose and help decrease the stigma of drug-related deaths. It also aims to acknowledge the grief that the families and friends feel, to remember those who have passed away or suffered permanent injury due to drug overdose. This is also held to spread the message that the tragedy of death from overdose is preventable.

BALM Family Recovery Resources held the live event and is now proud to continue offering the program On-Demand. 

Our keynote speaker is Dr. Barbara Andraka-Christou, author of the book “The Opioid Fix: America’s Addiction Crisis and the Solution They Don’t Want You to Have.”

Please click here to register now.

The event will also include:
* Naloxone training
* An interview with a BALM family member in long-term family recovery
* An interview with a parent who lost their child to an opioid overdose
* An interview with a parent whose child survived multiple meth overdoses
* A moment of silence to honor those who have lost their lives to an overdose and their families

You don’t want to miss this powerful evening of awareness, education, and inspiration!

Invite your family, friends, co-workers, etc. Everyone will benefit from this event.

Share on your social media, in your church, in civic organizations, etc.

Click the link below to register or call 1-888-998-2256 with any questions.

If you didn't make the live event, you can still benefit from it by joining us on-demand!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Overview of the On-Demand Version of Our Program and Invitation to the Live Program Held on August 31, 2020

    • Welcome to the recordings of the 2020 BALM IOAD Program

    • Invitation to the Live Program Presented on August 31, 2020

  • 2

    Keynote Speaker: Dr. Basia Andraka Christou

    • Medications for Opioid Treatment are the Missing Link in Recovery - Bev Interviews Dr. Basia Andraka Christou

    • Dr. Basia Andraka Christou

    • Handout for Dr. Andraka Christou's Talk: MAT Facts and Myths

    • Dr. Andraka Christou's book The Opioid Fix: America's Addiction Crisis and the Solution They Don't Want You to Have

  • 3

    Additional Resources on the topic of MAT

    • SAMHSA Tip 63 - Medications for Opioid Use Disorder - Free Download

    • Another book Dr. Andraka Christou recommends: Medications for Opioid Use Disorder Save Lives by the National Academies of Sciences Engineering Medicine

  • 4

    Naloxone Training

    • Naloxone Training with Deb Lewin

    • Deb Lewin's Bio

  • 5

    A BALM Mother and Daughter Share Their Naloxone and BALM Recovery Journey

    • Joan and Rose Share their Story

  • 6

    This BALM Coach Lost His Son and Now Helps Other Families Using the BALM

    • BALM Coach Bill Guy Shares His Story of Loss and Service

    • Bill Guy's Bio

  • 7

    A BALM Mom/Coach Shares How She Has Used BALM to Help Her Daughter Recovery from 3 Overdoses and a Meth Addiction

    • BALM Coach Lori Bolen Faces and Walks Back from The Edge of the Cliff with Her Daughter and Family

    • Lori Bolen's Bio

    • Download this blog Lori wrote about how the love of the balm restored the relationships in her family